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                                                                      ABOUT THE CHEF

     I began my foray into the food as a bagel maker/part owner of a bagel/deli shop in Forest Hills ,Queens. 

As I approached my 5th year anniversary at the shop, I knew it was time to get serious and enrolled at the prestigious "French Culinary Institute." As I immersed myself in the study of classic french cuisine, I also apprenticed  under acclaimed French Chef Fabrice Canelle and eventually earned a permanent position. He was selected by the late Warner LeRoy to relaunch the famed Russian Tea Room. 

     I then moved on to "Abigail Kirsch Caterers" as well as a being a consulting Chef on a project at a Roadhouse style BBQ restaurant near the former site of the World Trade Towers.  Soon thereafter, I was offered the position of Chef of the "HSBC NYC" headquarters executive dining room. It was there that I began to hone my skills as a cook, as well as showcase my formidable skills to the "who’s who" of the financial community.

     I was then introduced to a fortune 500 CEO seeking a personal chef for his family’s homes thoughout the country. This was a fantastic opportunity at the time, but growing restless for more action, I returned to NYC taking a position with "Whole Foods" supervising the  prepared foods dept. and successfully developed their newly formed "Raw Food Initiative."   

     It was then that I had the epiphany of making my food more accessible to the common folk. What better way to achieve my dream than than to launch the "Cruisin’ Kitchen" food trucks!   


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